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It all began from those irresistible lovely, innocent eyes with massive appetite of the furry friends who live with our young designer K. Since then, started to develop pet treats and slowly became their own pets’ food suppliers.


Soon, we have broadened their scope of production to supply food to stray dogs and cats. K is very much inspired by these furry friends to create illustrations. And just like that circa 2020, the idea of ZOKZOK is born. 

ZOKZOK is an independent brand founded in Malaysia, we provides gourmet homemade pets’ treats to our customers.


As pet-rents, we understand that our pets’ health is crucial, therefore all ZOKZOK treats were handmade from hand-picked, fresh and wholesome ingredients without artificial seasoning and additives.


From one pet-rents to another, we sincerely hope that our effort and gratitude can be present in these amazing products for you and your furry friends.

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