Currently, ZOKZOK accepts bank transfer payment ONLY.

We are working on various payment methods and hopefully it can be breezier and smoother in the near future.

Online banking transfer:

- Make sure your name on the order sheet (shipping sheet) is exactly the same as your bank transfer "fill in your name" column, and (If possible) provide your full name under the “remarks” column (if any) for easy cross reference via our system. 

- You will be receiving ZOKZOK’s confirmation email within 24 hours after payment has been made to us. If payment confirmation has not been done, please contact us immediately via any of the contact methods.

- Kindly take note that ALL orders which do not make payment after 48 hours will be automatically cancelled by our system.

Please DO NOT pay for expired order sheet(s).

Additionally, you could place your order through any one of our online platforms (Facebook/ Instagram/ WhatsApp), or private message us for more details!

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