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Duck Neck (1 pcs)

Size : 17-20cm

Packaging Type: Vacumm Sealed Seperately


Dehydrated duck necks are great for chewing, to keep your dog entertained and improve his dental hygiene. Recommended for medium-sized and large breed cannies. Duck neck is rich in protein, and coupled with the high fat content, they shouldn’t be fed too often.  1-3 times per week is plenty for a medium sized dog.


Suitable for dogs above the age of seven months. Not suitable for 10 years older dogs with dental diseases. Please always observe your dog when feeding any chews. Also ensure that your canine has access to plenty of fresh water.


Please make sure your furry friends do not suffer allergy from poultry before purchase.


Storage up to two month.

(Quality is our main consideration, our duck neck will be vacuum sealed packed  seperately to ensure the freahness of food)





The feeding limit is depending on the diet and the size of your dog.

Recommendation on limit feeding is one treat per time and do not exceed 10% of general pets’ dietary. 

Duck Neck 1pcs

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