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Pork contains vitamin B1 that is five times over other meat products. Vitamins B1 could effectively prevent hypo genesis and chronic diseases. They are crucial for young puppies and senior dogs. This product is made with fresh pork tenderloin through dehydration process and without any artificial food seasoning and additives. Please make sure your furry friends do not suffer from pork allergy before purchase.


Storage up to one month; vacuum pack storage up to three months before open.

(Quality is our main consideration, for an extra RM 0.50 on each vacuum pack is to ensure the food can last longer)




Meat and poultry are a feast to furry friends but throwing a feast constantly could result in them being very picky. Please feed the treats with care in an occasional manner.


Recommendation on limit feeding is one treat per time and do not exceed 10% of general pets’ dietary.

Porky - 100g

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