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Pumpkins, ripe tomatoes, broccolis, sweet potatoes and carrots are highly nutritious, they have a good impact towards furry friends’ immune system, furs, skin care, digestion and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. This product is made with fresh mixed vegetables through dehydration process and without any artificial food seasoning and additives. Please make sure your furry friends do not suffer allergy from any listed vegetables before purchase.


Storage up to one month; vacuum pack storage up to three months before open.

(Quality is our main consideration, bear with us for an extra RM 0.50 on each vacuum pack is to ensure the food can last longer)




The smell of vegetables might be unpleasant to some furry friends. Picky eaters might find that mixing vege with meaty dietary are acceptable, please check and confirm their habits before purchasing our vege products.

VeGeMIX - 50g

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