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Due to hygiene and food safety reasons, our products once it is sold can neither be returned nor refund.


ZOKZOK Treats are made with quality, wholesome ingredients without any artificial food seasoning and additives. We only use dehydration process to the ingredients for preservation purposes. Therefore, do check and confirm your furry friends do not suffer from allergy with our ingredients.

Rest assured, if there is a manufacturing fault with your item(s), such as: broken seal, spoiled items, provide proof of purchase (official invoices, photos of purchased item(s) and necessary evidence), we are more than willing to assist your requests.

All other issues fall outside of the food safety scope (the Feed Act 2009), ZOKZOK shall not bear the liabilities for ANY pet’s allergy or allergic syndromes or anything that arises from. (All Rights are reserved in which the Act provided)

Should you have any doubts, concerns, details with regards to our products, or business and corporate enquiries, we are more than welcome to be contacted by the following that is available to your conveniences (Facebook/ Instagram/ WhatsApp/ Email/ Calls).

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